6Degree is the leading Business-to-Business (B2B) retail platform has announced that they raised more than $1 million in the SucSEED Innovation Fund, SucSEED Angel Network, Kieretsu Forum, and AngelBay. The company has made a huge investment with complete aspects for easily boosting the sale across the country. 6Degree has been in the industry for more than 7 years and has been providing the software platform called Honeycomb, fashion and lifestyle brands, Finance, and many more.

The company also started to publish as well as manage the inventory for tracking the orders. This also mainly boosts the sales in a more efficient manner. Based on the recent report from the 6Degree fundraise that has helped the company to easily ramp up the operation to the highest extent and attained the flagship products called as the Honeycomb.

Opportunity To Businesses:

6Degree attained major growth in the sector with easily providing the better outcome across the various retail industry. Based on the recent report, India has been growing to more than $100 billion fashion as well as lifestyle market and thee mainly have built a strong foundation for the millions of SMBs.

Nikhil Hegde, co-Founder of 6Degree states that the unfortunate pandemic gave an opportunity to businesses to scale the highest manner and reach more numbers of the newer market in the modern day with the Finance. The Honeycomb is one of specifically designed for easily enabling the brand to go digitally along with extending the omnichannel space. Nikhil Hegde also stated that the recent outbreak of the pandemic in India also decreases the revenue in the modern-day. With the digitization and remote internet activity, these also gained more than 3 times revenue which is about Rs. 13 crores during 2020-21.

Gaining The Hyper-Growth:

The company has been closing to more than 600 fashion and lifestyle brands and selling the highest numbers of products among the customers. These also mainly leverage the complete Honeycomb platform. Homegrown brands have been seen in India as one of the more reputed and they gained major popularity among the people in India and across the world.

6degree is about to make the complete digital transformation journey for the brands as well as designed in the country with the best range of Finance. 6Degree introduced this platform for easily uniquely positive along with gaining the hyper-growth to the brands. Vikrant Varshney, SucSEED Indovation Fund states that they have been maintaining better growth with retaining the highest branded market to the extent. Newly formed startups and businesses in India are adapting to structure with cross-functional roles.

Connected Across The World:

Facilities even the small business also decreased the productivity of the business in India. Business during this pandemic situation requires more attention to societal needs such as monitoring for developments. 6Degree has mainly grown with more than 5 times since the last year and there are more than 3000 brands on the Honeycomb platform.

The global commerce community is widely connected across the world. 6Degree become one of the most uniquely positioned and become the one-stop repository of data, resources as well as insight for the designers as well as a fashion brand.